David Melling's Goblins

A fantastic new series written and illustrated by the bestselling David Melling.

The land of the goblins is hidden, but not so far away. If you look carefully, you might just find it! Saggypant and Seepage are Stone Goblins - but they're not much good at collecting stones! So imagine how they cope with a dragon's tail ... Butterfingers and Mildew need to take more care of their egglets! After all, there’s a snootle-pig about … Septic the goblin falls down a deep dark well. He likes it there, but hopes someone will rescue him. A Shadow Goblin must learn how to change shape. How? Well, hand shadows, silly costumes and a lonely walk into Black Wood ...

David Melling was born in Oxford. His picture book The Kiss That Missed was shortlisted for the Kate Greenaway Award, and The Tale of Jack Frost has been animated with a voiceover by Hugh Laurie. David Melling is married and lives with his wife and two children in Oxfordshire. David's picture books include Fidget and Quilly, Just Like my Dad, The Kiss that Missed, The Ghost Library, The Tale of Jack Frost, Good Knight Sleep Tight and The Scallywags.

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